Other Experience

Assisted Living

The Villages of Windcrest

Fredericksburg, Texas


A state-of-the-art, private-pay, Class-A Seniors housing development, “The Villages of Windcrest” is an 84-unit two story, fully licensed Senior care facility, which will house 60 licensed Assisted Living and 24 Alzheimer’s / Memory Care units. The property location is extraordinary in the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas, close to the Hill Country Memorial Hospital. The Texas Hill Country is known for its tourism.
DRB Development Solutions, LLC., has been retained by the equity investor for project due diligence and oversight during construction. Monthly reports are written to the Owner that comment on the scope of work completed, including important correspondence, site photos, design changes, drawings, partial payment releases, certificates of occupancy, testing reports, invoices and other documentation submitted by the contractor.


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Maynard Jackson International Terminal

Atlanta, GA


The International Terminal provided direct access for the Atlanta International traveler. The Terminal is located at the east end of the airfield, close to the existing International Concourse E. This expansion included an additional 10 gates, an apron area, airfield services, the relocation of Taxiway “D”, and the relocation of existing catering facilities. DRB was retained to work with the design team, Department of Aviation, and the airlines, exploring selective alternatives and providing construction cost information. DRB’s ability to accurately project construction costs enabled the design team to explore multiple options very quickly. DRB served in the role of Executive Constructor – responsible for providing input regarding the design of the project controls systems. The team identified over $600 million in savings, which included changes in construction management structure, airfield configurations, buildings and facilities. This high profile and most important project was a 10-year program that provided the airport with a new, state-of-the-art international terminal complex and three (3) airside concourses.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Concourse E

Atlanta, GA


As the most challenging project within the airport complex, the scope of work includes tunneling under an active runway and threading the tunnels between the Concourse E foundations piling system. The project also included the transportation system, stations and renovation to the Concourse E track systems. As principal-in-charge, Mr. Boyken led the team providing cost estimates for five new emergency generators around Concourse E to provide additional emergency power capabilities to serve the various occupancies of Concourse E.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Concourse A, B, C and D

Atlanta, GA


The scope of work included replacing all of the HVAC roof top units, the HHW and CHW piping, ceilings and related work on all four concourses while they remained open with passenger traffic.  Mr. Boyken worked with the design team to deliver the Project on time and within budget.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Midfield Expansion

Atlanta, GA

Scheduled Budget Analyst

Mr. Boyken led the project controls team for the Midfield expansion. As part of his duties, Mr. Boyken was responsible for establishing procedures for all pay application submittals and the ultimate approvals within 10 days of receipt. His team estimated and negotiated over 4000 drawing releases, tracking all budget and cost center allocations for the multi-contractors. Mr. Boyken also oversaw the scheduling team and consultants responsible to interface the multi contractors for this project.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Terminal Atrium

Atlanta, GA


Mr. Boyken provided cost estimating services for the airport design team creating a budget for the terminal atrium addition.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, CONRAC Facility

Atlanta, GA


Consolidated Car Rental Facility (CONRAC) is located west of Interstate 85 and connected to the terminal complex by an elevated people mover and roadway system.  The project features 1.2M square feet of parking structure surrounding a Central Passenger Rental Facility.  The site also includes four maintenance facilities to support the rental car companies. Mr. Boyken worked with the design team to provide scheduling and cost information to successfully bring the project within the $140M construction cost limitation.

London Heathrow International Airport, Terminal 5 (T5)

London, England


Mr. Boyken served as a member of the executive constructor team providing the project controls group with guidance in establishing project control systems. The T5 project was an $8.5 billion expansion of Heathrow International Airport. The new state-of-the-art international terminal complex and two airside concourses were connected by a subterranean people-mover system. The entire complex was linked with the London Underground and extensive highway and utility infrastructure.

Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport

Birmingham, AL


Mr. Boyken assisted the Airport Development Office with the construction scope of work which included the security upgrades for the existing Terminal (Concourses B and C). The modernization included improved security checkpoints and baggage screening, passenger convenience, imaging and way finding, concession and building systems, and infrastructure.

Nashville International Airport

Nashville, TN


Nashville International Airport is a public and military use airport located in southeastern Nashville, Tennessee. The complex serves ten (10) airlines with forty-seven (47) gates in the 1,000,000-square foot terminal. Project Management Services were provided for the construction of the airport’s longest runway at 11,000 feet, taxiway and taxiway bridges, plus related public road works. The $60M Project was completed two (2) months ahead of schedule at a savings of more than $2M under budget.

Memphis International Airport

Memphis, TN


Memphis International Airport is a public and military use facility southeast of Memphis, Tennessee. The complex is home to the FedEx Express Global Hub, processing the busiest & largest cargo operations of any airport worldwide. Services provided include estimating support for the airfield improvements. The scope of the Project included construction of an $11M runway and taxiway.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Hebron, KY


The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport sits upon 8,000 acres in northern Kentucky, servicing much of Cincinnati’s population. Delta’s $500M Terminal 3 expansion added Concourse A and B, in addition to adding a $50M Concourse C for Comair. Also, another $350M was used to construct four (4) much longer runways. Cost Estimating Services were provided for the terminal expansion and worked with the design team to assist Delta with their planning budgets.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Arlington, VA


Reagan National is an international airport located south of downtown Washington, D.C. in Arlington, Virginia. The extensive renovation and expansion included converting Hangar 11 into The USAir Interim Terminal, an addition for Delta Air Lines, later converted to Authority offices, new terminals, parking garages and relocation of several gates in the main terminal.  Mr. Boyken led the estimating team to provide a check estimate for the $450M major improvements at the airport complex.

Hunter Air Force Base, Flight Simulator Building

Savannah, GA


Built in 1929, The Hunter Airforce Base in Savannah, Georgia is a military airfield, home to the 3rd Infantry Division for adjoining Fort Stewart to efficiently deploy soldiers and cargo globally. The $7.9M, 32,000 square foot Readiness Training Center serves approximately 5,000 soldiers, airmen and coastguards, and the Army’s longest runway east of the Mississippi River at 11,375 feet. The Project included 1.2 acres of paved area for military equipment, 5,000 square foot training/assembly hall, five storage areas, and a fitness center with Male/Female locker rooms. As Principal-in-Charge, Mr. Boyken led a team performing cost estimating services for the engineering firm designing the facility.

Orlando International Airport

Orlando, FL


In conjunction with HOK, we successfully completed Airside 2 Terminal program starting a more than 10-year relationship at the Orlando International Airport.  The initial work expanded to include the South International Terminal Complex and an open-ended contract directly with the Airport Authority. Since the contract commencement provided estimates for the planning, engineering and capital projects departments. The scope of the projects ranged from repair and renewal projects worth several hundred thousand dollars to the multi-million-dollar South Terminal Development program.

The following are subsequent engagements with the Orlando International Airport:

South International Terminal Airport Terminal Expansion

This program includes the design and construction of a new international terminal complex located south of the existing terminal building.  Passengers will access this new complex via a state of the art people mover system.

Airside 2 Terminal Expansion

We worked with HOK providing the cost management services for the recently completed Airside Two Terminal Complex.  This $60M state of the art Airside Terminal facility bid within in $50,000 of the project budget and was completed on time.

North Terminal Capacity Improvements

This $511M project involved the reconfiguration of the vertical transportation cores, expansion of the ticket lobbies, Federal Inspection Services facility, roadways, parking, rent-a-car facilities and the addition of “sky bridges”.

Heintzelmen/Midfield Development

This $83.7M project involves the development of 518 acres of property on the east side of the Airport for commercial use. Development estimates included site fill, drainage and all utilities required to provide useable land.

Airside 1 & 3 Reconfiguration

Terminal Buildings 1 & 3 were opened in 1981 and were considered state-of-the-art at that time. Advancements in airline business technology and aircraft types have aged the two facilities. GOAA commissioned studies to reconfigure both terminals for passenger comfort and convenience and to conform to new aircraft mixes. We assisted in each study providing the budget information for the $170M intended renovations.

Parking Garage Renovations

We assisted in the budgeting process for the vertical transportation improvements, rental car relocation and parking deck improvements recently completed at the airport.

Baggage System Upgrades and Renovations

The scope of work included the sterile bag drop off areas at level two and the tug ramp construction.  Also included in the project were the outbound baggage devices on level two of the terminal.

Ticket Counter Renovations

We assisted in the redesign and renovation of 31 ticket counters and related office space on Level Three of the terminal.

Landside Terminal Vertical Transportation Renovations

We provided the cost management for the redesign and renovation for all vertical transportation cores in the north and south terminal complex.

Concessions 2000 Project

We provided the estimating, constructability review and technical review for the $35M Concessions 2000 Project


The Duke of Wellington Pub

Dunwoody, Georgia

Project Management Advisor

Duke of Wellington Pub and Retail Shell is a 6,000 square foot retail facility in Dunwoody, Georgia. Half of the space has been leased to the pub, leaving the other half to serve as a shell for future tenants. DRB’s role as exclusive Owner’s Representative, is to oversee the Client’s overall project development strategy including establishing, identifying, and communicating with the project team.

Cyclorama & Civil War Museum at the Atlanta History Center

Atlanta, GA

Project Management Advisor

DRB was retained by the Atlanta History Center to provide project estimate and budget support services for the Owner’s development team to renovate the existing museum complex and incorporate the relocation of the Cyclorama’s painting, “The Battle of Atlanta.” The Cyclorama building expansion will tie into the existing museum on several levels creating an overlook from the Olympic and Goldstein Galleries.  The project consisted of a new 43,180 square-foot building to house the Cyclorama painting and associated venue which will be relocated from the existing facility next to Zoo Atlanta in Grant Park-downtown Atlanta.

Atlanta History Center

Atlanta, GA

Project Management Advisor

DRB was retained by the Atlanta History Center to provide project estimating support for the Owner’s development team to renovate the 37,000 square-foot existing museum complex inclusive of new entrances, food service, exhibit space and expansion of pre-function space for the ballroom. The project shall also include additional site work inclusive of the main entrance to the facility.

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

Project Management Advisor

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is a 40,300 square-foot venue in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, which provides education and recreational activities for children. The facility is two (2) stories, mostly below street level and contains offices for operations, a large exhibit space and classrooms. The purpose of the renovation project was to add a 5,000 square-foot mezzanine for exhibit and operational spaces plus upgrade the exhibits and finishes. Improvements included new flooring, replacement of exhibits, new elevator, and upgraded HVAC & lighting systems. DRB was engaged by The Children’s Museum of Atlanta to provide a construction cost estimate for the building renovation. This served as the budget verification and cost comparison against the general contractor proposals.

Ellis Square Park, Underwater Parking Garage & City Infrastructure

Atlanta, GA

Project Manager

We provided program management services during the design and build of a 1,075-space, four (4) level, underground parking garage all but invisible to the local residents. Located in the heart of Savannah’s downtown historic district, the parking facility was covered by a hotel; a condo building; a surface parking lot; a city park with live oak trees; and city streets with curbs, gutters, street lights, and sidewalks. In addition to acting as the on-site Owner’s Representative, we oversaw cost and scheduling, provided quality assurance, developed requirements, created and awarded the project to a vendor, and managed design and construction. Special considerations for this project were the protection of the neighboring historic buildings, relocation of major city utilities located near the site, and communication with the neighboring community. On behalf of the city, we worked side by side with the on-site Senior Project Manager during planning and procurement to create a program aligned with the City’s needs, developed a design/build procurement strategy, execute procurement, and negotiated the design/build contract. Mr. Boyken served on the project through completion.

Forsyth Park East Fort, Historic Renovation

Savannah, GA

Project Manager

This project involved the historic renovation of the Old Fort at Forsyth Park to make it into a centerpiece attraction for local activities. The exterior of the 100-year-old structure was restored to its former glory, and the interior was upgraded for use as a hospitality center for park events such as concerts, festivals, and weddings. A large tension structure band shell and fountain was constructed to serve as a permanent venue for the many music and cultural events that occur in the park throughout the year. Challenges for this project included shoring up the foundations and non-reinforced concrete exterior walls, as well as up-fitting the interior to be compliant with current code requirements. Coordination with the operator of the on-site snack bar was also a key component. As program manager, we provided on-site coordination, cost management and schedule management for the City of Savannah on this historic project.

Liberty Street Parking Garage

Savannah, GA

Project Manager

The Liberty Street Parking Garage is a five (5)-story, 890-space parking facility that resembles a series of brick row houses and masks all cars from street view.  The garage is built on a complete city block of 1.28-acres in the downtown Historic District of Savannah.  The 303,000 square-foot facility is served by two (2) elevators, three (3) entrance lanes and three (3) exit lanes; two (2) of which are attended. The exterior structure evokes the look of a series of row houses rather than one large building, in keeping with the appearance of the Historic Downtown District. This attention to detail made it deserve not only one but three awards from the Historic Savannah Foundation, (first and only for a parking garage), the International Parking Institute and the American Concrete Institute. As Program Manager, we provided on-site Owner’s Representative services, cost management, schedule management and quality assurance services. This allowed the City of Savannah to better define the program, craft successful agreements with designers and contractors and gave Savannah greater value for their investment.

Galleria 400, Ohio State Teachers Retirement Systems

Columbus, OH

Owner’s Representative

The Ohio State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS), together with Childress Klein Properties, developed and built an office complex at the intersection of 1-75 & I-285, commonly known as “The Galleria.”  Galleria 400 is a Class A, 20- story office tower totaling approximately 430,000 gross square-feet and a parking structure with 1,250 parking spaces. Mr. Boyken, served as the Owner’s Representative for STRS, providing preconstruction services, construction phase services, and project close-out services. During the pre-construction phase, Boyken performed a review and report of the plans and specification, budgets, and project schedules. He also prepared studies and reports, subcontracts, approvals, and a tracking system during the development of the project.  During construction, Mr. Boyken’s project manager performed regular on-site inspections and attended the construction draw meeting to review the payment request from the developer, contractor and subcontractors, back-up information supporting the various payment requests, executed pending and anticipated change orders, status of executed subcontract agreements, and monthly job cost reports and the forecasted total job costs.  Utilizing this process, he assisted the Owner in monitoring the project throughout the design, procurement and construction phases of the project, which created an on-budget and as-scheduled completion, maximizing STRS’s investment.

University Station

Westwood, MA

University Station located in Westwood, Massachusetts, is a planned mixed-use development consisting of approximately 560,000 square-feet of retail and restaurant uses, including a 140,000 square-feet of grocery service and a 140,000 square-foot department store.  In addition to the proposed retail component, the project includes 350 residential units, and 2,394 parking spaces. DRB Development Solutions was retained by Vantage Point Development Advisors to review the budgets and offer an opinion as to the adequacy of those budgets.

Boston Landing, Brighton

Boston, MA

Boston Landing is a 1.43M square-foot mixed-use development in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, MA. The project included 250,000 square-foot office building for the New Balance world headquarters, 250,000 square-foot sports complex, a 140,000 square-foot boutique hotel, three (3) office buildings-totaling 650,000 square-feet and 65,000 square-feet of retail/restaurant space. The scope of work for this project included a high-level review of the completed construction for the Boston Landing Development. The infrastructure development consisted of a commuter rail station and related project costs.

Fenway Park, Boylston West Development

Boston, MA

DRB was retained to provide an analysis of the mixed-use development and provide a report to the state of its findings.  The study centered on the funding for the parking garage and the costs associated with the underground parking that supported two 12 story towers.

Boylston Street, Fenway

Boston, MA

The 1325 Boylston Street Project, now known as the Fenway Triangle, was a mixed-use development containing three (3) levels of parking, office and retail areas that interface with public transit in downtown Boston. The scope of work for this project included a high-level review of the completed construction.

ARINC Facility

Annapolis, MD

DRB was retained to analyze the development program and provide a report for the proposed lending institution.  The report also served as validity of the proposed costs for the project for the development advisor.

Arsenal on the Charles

Watertown, MA

The Arsenal on the Charles is part of a planned iCubed bond funding for public infrastructure improvements.  It includes various projects related to the public lands within the Economic Development District. These public lands are owned by the Town of Watertown and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. DRB was retained to review the developer’s budget and offer an opinion as to the adequacy of those costs.

Crowne Partners Apartments

Birmingham, AL

Crowne Partners is an apartment developer and operator headquartered in Birmingham, AL.  For most of the last thirty (30) years, the organization has developed garden style apartments. The company is embarking on a new product generation where the developments are more urban in nature requiring three (3) and four (4) story structures with elevators and internal hallways.  To assist with the new product style, the company had engaged a new architect to provide design services.  DRB was retained to review Crowne Partners’ workload, staffing and current policies and procedures to provide recommendations on how to manage the new developments, replace the retiring team members and recommend how to develop or improve upon the current construction practices.

Southern Company Fitness Center

Atlanta, GA

Southern Company constructed a Fitness Center on the Fourth (4th) floor in a space previously used for storage.  The space was constructed with access from the parking deck and loading dock.  DRB was asked by MSTSD to provide a rough estimate for the project.

Electronic Data Systems Corporate Offices (EDS)

Dallas, TX

Electronic Data Systems World Headquarters Corporate Offices (“EDS”) are located 20 miles north of Dallas in Plano, Texas. The campus consists of 3,521,000 square-feet of office and data center space on 270 acres of land. The campus included four Tier-IV data centers, a command center, four clusters of office buildings, a fitness center, a service station, four helipads and a hanger. It is the center of the $200M, 2,665-acre Legacy in Plano real estate development, which EDS built. Mr. Boyken led a team in charge of project audits for five (5) of EDS’ major data sites around the country, including Michigan, Texas, California, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. The audit teams established the final cost of the project and closeout.

Perry Nuclear Facility Foundations

Perry, OH

Chief Estimator

Mr. Boyken was the chief estimator for the foundation estimate for two nuclear reactors at the Perry Nuclear facility. The project was negotiated and awarded to Blount Brothers Corporation.


Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, State of Georgia Construction Manual


The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia has the responsibility to obtain and process capital improvement requests from the thirty-four (34) institutions that are part of the University System. The Board reviews each request to validate the program of requirements and then forwards a prioritized list to the Governor requesting that the cost for these capital improvements be included in the State Budget. Mr. Boyken was commissioned by the Board of Regents as Program Budget Consultant to assist the Board in validating the compatibility of the program and cost budgets for the twenty-three (23) top ranked major capital improvement projects which were included in the Board of Regents’ Major Capital Outlay Priority List for FY98-01. The scope of work included the independent study and preparation of a Program/Budget Confirmation Estimate and Component Cost Model for each of the twenty-three (23) top priority projects. The Component Cost Model Estimates include: a written project description based on the program of requirements; a project work sheet summarizing all cost associated with the project – including design fees, special consultants, resident engineer, contingencies, etc.; a component estimate summary broken down by building systems; and a detailed program estimate

Université Internationale de Casablanca

Casablanca, Morocco

This state-of-the-art campus located in Casablanca, Morocco accommodates more than 12,000 students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Accredited by the Moroccan Ministry of Education, the International University of Casablanca (UIC) was the first multidisciplinary private university in Casablanca. It is the first institution in the Laureate International Universities network located in North Africa. The project consists of three (3) phases.  Phase three is not expected to commence until 2021.

Spelman College Living and Learning Center

Atlanta, GA


The Living and Learning Center is a residence hall with single and double occupancy rooms.  Offering A sky-lit atrium in the lobby, an outdoor courtyard, guest suites, conference and meeting rooms, kitchen areas, study lounges, a computer lab, elevator, and storage rooms. The Center, serving up to 200 students, is named for Spelman’s sixth president and his wife. Mr. Boyken led a team performing cost estimating services for the program management firm.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, George and Cynthia Mitchell Basic Sciences Research Building

Houston TX


Working with the senior management at M.D. Anderson, Mr. Boyken assisted in diagnosing the central problem issues to the current development program.  Additionally, provided the executive leadership needed for the team to correct the issues and successfully complete the project. Through the program management services, offered for the M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Lab, we acquired further assignments by assisting in the development of the five-year plan for the M.D. Anderson Main and South Campuses.

Emory University, Emory Chandler Law Library

Atlanta, GA

Project Manager

Candler Library was constructed in 1926 on the original quadrangle at Emory University. As part of the Woodruff Library expansion and renovation, a plan was developed to include Candler Library. Mr. Boyken’s team/ Stafford were engaged to validate, update, and test information regarding the renovation of Candler Library. The team was the liaison for key departments, including the Dean’s Office, to establish the program areas, the sequencing of activities, total project requirements, and project budget estimates for the three (3) – phased renovation program. The program and budget confirmation services were performed in preparation for the Emory Board’s approval for funding.

Georgia Tech, Environmental Science and Technology Building

Atlanta, GA

Project Manager

The Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T) facility was the second phase of a three-phase development for the Biotechnology, Environmental/Sustainable Technological and Molecular Science and Engineering Complex (BEM) at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. The facility provides approximately 287,000 square-feet of interdisciplinary and business incubator laboratories for a project budget of $45M. The project required an addition to the Campus Central Energy Plant and the relocation and extension of the campus wide 20KV electrical distribution system, fiber optic communication system, underground utilities and chilled water distribution system. As project manager, DRB provided project and budget validation, project and cost management, and value engineering services.

Emory University, Math & Science Building

Atlanta, GA


The Math & Science Center was created by Emory University to foster scientific collaboration among the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics, and Environmental Studies, totaling 140,000 square-feet. The facilities include a planetarium, observatory, outdoor research and teaching space, physics shop, wet and dry laboratories, computational laboratories, 24 classrooms, 180-seat auditorium, and a spectacular three-story atrium space. The $40M project was designed and constructed using LEED principles, and attained a LEED Gold certified rating. DRB led a team performing cost estimating services for the Math & Science Center, successfully assisting the team to design within the project budget.

Villanova University, Mendel Hall Chemistry Lab Building

Villanova, PA


Located on the Villanova University Campus in Villanova, Pennsylvania, the Mendel Hall Chemistry Building houses research and instructional facilities for six (6) scientific departments, including seventeen (17) chemistry research labs. Two (2) five (5) story buildings are connected underground and by a second-floor indoor bridge that forms the gateway between West and Main Campus. Mr. Boyken led the cost estimating team for this $14M, 150,000 square-foot building renovation. The project was complicated by the owner’s need to spread the construction over three (3) successive summer periods due to the use of the classroom space during the fall and spring semesters.

Emory Chemistry Building

Atlanta, GA


DRB performed cost estimating services for the chemistry lab facility. This facility included the renovation of an existing historic building plus the addition of a new building.

Ave Maria University Campus & Residential Township

Ave Maria, FL

Comprised on 5,000 acres of land east of Naples, this development consisted of a university campus, church, and fifteen (15) residence buildings to house 1,000 students ($180M). The residence halls included eight (8) person suites with two (2) bathrooms and a common area. The Project also consisted of a mixed-use development including retail, commercial, offices, and residential ($40M). The site infrastructure including roads, utilities, and waste water treatment facilities ($30M). The Ave Maria Oratory, a large Gothic-inspired structure that serves as the parish church and university chapel and is located at the center of town. DRB served on the design team for the project, providing budget updates and development estimates for the entire master planned community.

Woodward Academy Library

Atlanta, GA


Sitting on a 133-acre campus in Metro Atlanta, private college-preparatory Woodward Academy serves 2,700 students in pre-kindergarten thru twelfth (12th) grade. The 15,000 square-foot George C. Carlos Library has a two (2) story main reading room housing 22,000 print books with stack areas, meeting rooms and audio/visual spaces. Mr. Boyken led a team performing cost estimating services for the library. The team provided budgeting services for the program and led the team to design a unique building within the design budget.

University of North Carolina, Boiler Plant

Chapel Hill, NC

DRB was responsible for claim research and preparation of claim defense regarding a dispute between the university and its contractor. This $100 million project, which included construction of a central plant, was completed and the claim resolved without testimony.

Georgia Tech Dormitory

Atlanta, GA


Mr. Boyken led a team performing cost estimating services for the design firm. This project was a major expansion at the campus with tight site conditions. DRB worked with the team to determine project logistics, schedule and estimating that led to a successful bid within the budget.

Georgia Tech Callaway Plaza

Atlanta, GA


The Callaway Plaza is the gateway to Bobby Dodd Stadium/Grant Field and provides an attractive entrance to Georgia Tech’s historic football facility. The Plaza was dedicated in memory of Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., an internationally-recognized leader in the textile industry and a 1926 Textile Engineering graduate of Georgia Tech. Mr. Boyken led a team performing cost estimating services for Georgia Tech and its major donor. This Olympics-related project is now a focal point for students on campus.

Rabun Gap Campus Upgrade Program

Rabun, GA


Mr. Boyken conducted a design competition to select the design team for the fine arts building and then led the program to complete that project plus an additional $7million of renovation on all campus buildings.

Georgia Perimeter College, Academic Building

Dunwoody, GA


The Dunwoody Campus began its operation in 1979. Described by some as being “carved out of the forest,” the campus is located on 100 acres on Womack Road in a residential area of northern DeKalb County. Mr. Boyken led a team performing cost estimating services for R.L. Brown Architects, assisting them to develop a design solution that met the project budget that was successfully bid within the budget for the Dunwoody Campus “E” building renovation that created a new 55,000 square-foot Student Services Center.


The Carolyn Apartments

Las Colinas, Texas


The Carolyn, a luxury multi-family waterfront property situated in the heart of the Las Colinas Urban Center, Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas. Facing Lake Carolyn, the four courtyards include 319 units of Class A, high-quality multi-family residences with best-in-class finishes coupled with a rich amenity package in a walkable urban setting.
DRB Development Solutions, LLC., has been retained by the equity investor for project due diligence and oversight during construction. Monthly reports are written to the Owner that comment on the scope of work completed, including important correspondence, site photos, design changes, drawings, partial payment releases, certificates of occupancy, testing reports, invoices and other documentation submitted by the contractor.


Creation of the City of Dunwoody, GA

After the state legislature authorized a vote and citizens of Dunwoody voted to become a city, the mayor and city council contacted Mr. Boyken to create an operational design for the city, along with a plan to implement the design, arrange city financing, establish the tax collection entity and work with the city councilmen to hire a city manager, police chief and court clerks. Mr. Boyken’s team established the city, organized a search for office space and established the city operating procedures.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Emerging Infectious Diseases Building

Atlanta, GA

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention Emerging Infectious Diseases (CDC) building on the Roybal Campus in Atlanta, Georgia is a 368,250 square-foot concrete structure that houses bio-safety level (BSL) 2, 3, 3E, and 4 laboratories and support spaces. The building expanded CDC’s BSL3 and BSL4 capacity, providing core labs for bio-terrorism, Q-fever, infectious diseases and contains an animal facility. The project also included a 54,955 square-foot Central Utility Plant and Tunnel that houses chillers, cooling towers, boilers and associated pumps for the west portion of the CDC Roybal Campus. Services for this project included schedule analysis, change order review and negotiation; leading a formal, five-day Value Engineering Workshop, providing third-party costing and reconciliation with the contractor’s estimates at the completion of each design phase.

Athens/Clarke County Civic Center

Athens, GA

The Athens/Clarke County Civic Center offers 104,540 square feet of conference, convention and performing arts space. The site includes a 56,000 square-foot exhibit hall, 644-car parking deck, and 8,000 square-foot atrium. Banquet seating for 3,000, theater seating for 6,000, along with 2,100 seat performing arts theater and 35 flexible rooms for break-out sessions. DRB provided the design cost management. The team successfully delivered the project on budget.

Knoxville Convention Center and World’s Fair Park Renovation

Knoxville, TN

Mr. Boyken led the project controls team representing the city’s development authority for the creation of a world-class convention center at the former site of the Knoxville World’s Fair Park. In addition to the new convention center, the entire park was renovated, creating an entertainment destination within the city of Knoxville. The team provided the scheduling and estimating project controls from preconstruction through completion.

Marietta Conference Center

Marietta, GA

Located 15 miles from downtown Atlanta, the Marietta Conference Center offers full service amenities to business and vacation travelers. The hotel/conference center provides guests with 198 rooms, 9 suites, and 25,000 square-feet of flexible meeting space, full-service kitchen, an 18-hole championship golf course, lighted tennis courts, and a swimming pool. DRB worked with the design team to explore multiple design solutions for the renovation of the conference center.

Kennedy Space Center – Apollo/Saturn V Museum

Cape Canaveral, FL

The scope of the project entailed approximately 100,000 square-feet of new construction including facilities for exhibits, display areas, administration and food services for the Saturn V Rocket. The exterior wall of the facility is an architectural insulated metal panel system. Roof construction is an elastic sheet roof, lightweight concrete and 1.5-inch metal deck at all low roofs. Twelve (12) pipe frames, approximately seventy (70) feet high and ninety-one (91) feet across, span the plaza area. Also, there are two (2) theaters in the facility: The Firing Room is a simulation of “Mission Control,” while the Lunar Surface Theater has a seating capacity of approximately four hundred (400). The awe-inspiring addition to the Kennedy Space Center has immersed guests in the cosmic wonder of American space exploration, showcasing the evolution and achievements of NASA’s Apollo program and its historical Moon landings.

Tennessee Superior Court

Knoxville, TN

The Howard H. Baker, Jr. United States Superior Courthouse located in Knoxville, TN is the Eastern District of Tennessee Superior Court headquarters for the four (4) division district.  A glass rotunda located between three (3) inter-connected buildings in the central courtyard marks the entrance to the 250,000 square-foot, four (4) block campus. The project won The Office Building of the Year (TOBY) award in the government buildings category at the Building Owners and Managers Association Annual Conference, based on its energy management systems and accessibility for disabled people. The DRB team provided the design cost management for the Tennessee Superior Court.

Launch Pad 39A

Cape Canaveral, FL

Kennedy Space Center functioned as the major NASA launch facility for manned and unmanned space missions. Launch Pad 39A serviced four (4) major missions: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and the Space Shuttle. Three (3) major sub-phases of the Apollo period include the Manned Lunar Landing Program, Skylab, and the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. As Director of Scheduling Services, Mr. Boyken supported space shuttle operations through design and assembly of mobile launch pads, then transported by large, tracked crawlers to the launch pad for final processing and launch. Mr. Boyken also prepared project schedules used to support the design changes required by NASA for the permanent Space Shuttle Launch Platform, including a rotating service structure. The site included an 8,700 square-foot elevated mound for news media, a one-hundred (100) seat audio/video facility for post launch news conferences and fifteen (15) small support office & work spaces.

Savannah Civic Center

Savannah, GA

The Savannah Civic Center has an architecturally pleasing design, overlooking Savannah’s Riverfront and Landmark Historic District. The facility offers 330,000 square-feet of beautiful waterfront views with 100,000 square feet of flexible exhibit space, 50,000 square-feet of meeting space, including thirteen (13) meeting rooms and four (4) executive ballrooms, a 25,000 square-foot Grand Ballroom and a 367-seat auditorium. Mr. Boyken worked with the design team, assisting with the development of studies and phasing solutions to provide additional office space and concession areas. Coordination of the work was important as the facility was to remain open during this major construction.

Commonwealth Convention Center

Louisville, KY

The Commonwealth Convention Center is an award-winning event space located in downtown Louisville Kentucky. The convention center offers 300,000 square-feet of flexible meeting space, 190,000 square-feet of exhibit space, a 30,000 square-foot ballroom, 51 meeting rooms, and a 5,000-seat bleacher-style conference theater. The center is connected by skywalk to 2,300 hotel rooms at Galt House Hotel & Suites, Hyatt Regency Louisville and Marriott Louisville Downtown. DRB led the project costing team to assist the architect to complete the design on budget. The team further aided the design team through project change order discussions and value engineering assignments.

US Federal Building

Louisville, KY

DRB provided preconstruction cost estimating to assist the design team to deliver the project on budget.

General Services Building

Savannah, GA

After successfully assisting the design team with winning the design competition, Mr. Boyken then worked with the team to deliver the project on budget.

Federal Courthouse

Fort Myers, FL

DRB worked with the designers to successfully deliver the project design on budget. This project was placed on hold by the federal government at the completion of design. When the hold was released two years later, the team completed the value engineering to bring the project back to the original budget.

Alpharetta City Hall

Alpharetta, GA

Mr. Boyken worked with the city to provide construction cost estimates supporting multiple solutions offered by the design team, establishing the most cost-effective solution.

The Callaway Building Courthouse Renovation

Decatur, GA

DRB assisted the City of Decatur in the renovation of the government office and courthouse building.

US Army Corps of Engineers Housing Complex

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Mr. Boyken worked with the project team preparing the successful estimate and then supported the team in the development of the schedule.

Lenora Community Park

Gwinnett County, GA

As Principal-in-Charge, Mr. Boyken led the team to provide the overall project management for the renovation of the park’s ball fields, nature trails, public buildings and general landscaping improvements.

US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Ft. Gillem

Clayton County, GA

DRB worked with the project team formulating the estimate and then guided the team in the development of the project schedule.

West Palm Beach County Detention Center

West Palm Beach, FL

Mr. Boyken led the team of cost estimators for the new government building and detention center, assisting the design team and completed the center on budget.

Grady Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Sunrise Hospital Pediatric Oncology Hospital

Cairo, Egypt

DRB led a team tasked with budgeting services. The team performed an independent cost analysis to develop the budget required for the design and construction of a pediatric oncology hospital and clinic located in Cairo, Egypt. Mr. Boyken was retained by The S/L/A/M Collaborative to analyze the program-level information and participate with the design team in the development of an overall strategy and program for the development.

MacDill Air Force Base Hospital Life Safety Upgrades

Tampa, FL

The 6th Medical Group Clinic at MacDill Air Force Base (“AFB”) supports combat capabilities of the 6th Air Mobility Wing, U.S. Central Command, U.S. Special Operations Command, and other diverse mission partners. Providing administrative, logistics, and ancillary medical support to 220,000 beneficiaries in the Department of Defense’s largest single catchment area. The $104M AFB Clinic provides 254,000 square-feet of clinical space, including dental care, imaging department with an MRI and CAT scan, physical therapy, cardiology and internal medicine. DRB led the team performing cost estimating for planning services at the base hospital. These services were selected to upgrade the existing clinic.

Cottonwood Partners, Ltd., Patients Medical Center

Pasadena, TX

Cottonwood Partners is developing a two (2) story, sixty-four (64) bed acute care hospital with approximately 100,000 square-feet. This facility included an interactive care unit, eight (8) operating rooms with the capacity to preform open heart procedures and an imaging facility with a sixty-four (64) slice CT scanner as well as a 1.5T MRI unit. It also included a dining facility, a helipad for rapid transit and administrative support spaces. The estimated construction cost for this facility was $21 million. DRB provided Owner’s Representative, Cost Management and Cost Estimating Services for the Dallas based Owner and design team.

Emory University Hospital Renovation and Expansion

Atlanta, GA

Working with the design team, DRB led a team performing cost estimating services for the bridge over Candler Road, the renovations at Emory Hospital, and the connections to Children’s at Egleston Pediatric Hospital.

Grady Memorial Hospital, Cancer Center for Excellence

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Governor Roy Barnes announced an initiative to improve cancer prevention, screening, treatment, training, and clinical research in the state. To improve access to cancer care and to reduce the number of deaths due to cancer, the Governor created a three (3) tiered, statewide network of private, public, non-profit and academic organizations. The third (3rd) tier of this program was in the form of three (3) Cancer Centers for Excellence geographically dispersed throughout the state; the first of these was a Cancer Center at the Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. The Cancer Center for Excellence is located on the ninth (9th) and tenth (10th) floors of the existing hospital and was constructed while maintaining continued operation of the hospital. DRB provided executive management services and on-site staff to assist hospital personnel in the administration of the construction contract. These services included the monitoring and coordination of the design and construction teams from the construction manager to the architect on a daily basis. The project finished ahead of schedule and under budget.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Alkek Patient Tower Expansion

Houston, TX

Mr. Boyken conducted a feasibility and constructability study to determine if and how to add nine (9) additional patient bed floors and one (1) mechanical floor to the existing twelve (12) story hospital building. M.D. Anderson wanted the expansion to be completed without effecting the existing patient space, operating rooms, and diagnostics and outpatient services. The evaluation criteria Mr. Boyken considered included: crane strategy, materials/ personnel movement, patient and staff safety, and operational impacts.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, FEMA 404

Houston, TX

M.D. Anderson’s main campus has numerous basement and first (1st) floor areas containing critical equipment that could be damaged or destroyed if floodwaters breached the floodwall. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 404 MEP mitigation projects will relocate or defend-in-place critical areas and equipment that could affect the normal functioning of the main campus and its individual buildings. Mr. Boyken’s services consisted of providing on-site staff to assist assigned M. D. Anderson’s Capital Planning and Management Department in the delivery of the completed project.  DRB provided design and construction management services in the role of Owner’s Representative.

The Methodist Hospital System, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital Expansion

Houston, TX

Phase I of the master plan included the addition of a new multi-story Acute Care Hospital containing approximately 224 patient beds. The first two (2) levels of this facility contain a Procedure Center, Heart Center and Emergency Services as well as additions to the Administrative Services and Support Services areas. The third (3rd) level houses the main mechanical, electrical and plumbing distribution equipment for the building. The Intensive Care Unit sits on the fourth (4th) level, and levels five (5), six (6) and seven (7) house the nursing floors. A two (2) story link connects the expansion to the existing hospital at the first (1st) and second (2nd) floors. The building has a pre-cast concrete, brick and glass façade to match the existing buildings and satisfy the local design covenants. DRB provided Owner’s Representative services including Program Management, Cost Management, and Schedule Management.

University of Kentucky Patient Care Facility

Lexington, KY

The University of Kentucky Patient Care Facility consists of approximately 700,000 square-feet.  A bridge concourse connecting the garage and the hospital expansion infrastructure to the University’s heating and cooling piping loops, including one (1) boiler and two (2) chillers, renovations to two (2) existing buildings, an entrance drive to support a public and visitor entrance and site improvements for the Emergency Services entrance. The hospital expansion of 700,000 square-feet includes 500,000 square-feet of occupied space and 200,000 square-feet was for future program space. The program consisted of Acute Care Nursing Unit that accommodates 240 private patient rooms, Emergency Services Department, Diagnostic and Treatment Department, Lobby Food Services Department, Central Sterile Supply Department and a helipad on the roof to access the Emergency Services Department. Mr. Boyken served as GBBN Architect’s Cost Consultant during the design phase of the project.

Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center

Las Vegas Valley, NV

Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center is a general medical and surgical hospital, serving approximately 120,000 emergency room patients a year. DRB led a team performing cost estimating services and contract negotiation with the contractor. The project expanded the hospital to 400 beds and several operating rooms. The now 730-bed hospital provided the first Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Children’s hospital in the Las Vegas Valley.

Themed Entertainment

Wolf Creek Olympic Shooting Venue

Atlanta, GA


Mr. Boyken led the design team on the Wolf Creek Shooting Complex in Atlanta, Georgia, for the 1996 Summer Olympics. The venue featured twenty (20) trap and skeet shooting combination fields, nine (9) lighted fields, and forty (40) camping spaces with electricity and water. Mr. Boyken’s plan was the ONLY Olympic venue designed within the initial budget of the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Playdium Entertainment Corporation, US Rollout Program

Toronto, Canada


Mr. Boyken led the design team on the Wolf Creek Shooting Complex in Atlanta, Georgia, for the 1996 Summer Olympics. The venue featured twenty (20) trap and skeet shooting combination fields, nine (9) lighted fields, and forty (40) camping spaces with electricity and water. Mr. Boyken’s plan was the ONLY Olympic venue designed within the initial budget of the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Festival Hall, Playdium Entertainment Corporation

Toronto, Canada


Playdium is the ultimate interactive, virtual and physical entertainment center for energetic families. The 40,000 square-foot indoor complex features more than 200 high-tech attractions, rides and simulators, including a Roller Coaster Simulator and Laser Maze. Playdium has an eleven (11) acre outdoor park, featuring one of Canada’s longest Go-Kart tracks, mini golf, bungee trampoline, and nine (9) batting cages. As Program Manager, services included development of a baseline cost estimate centered on the $22.3M prototype design. Subsequent estimates for design development and the $5.1M construction project budget followed.

Discovery Center, Callaway Gardens

Pine Mountain, GA


Owned and operated by the non-profit Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, Callaway Gardens includes a garden, resort, preserve and residential community. Sitting on 13,000 acres of environmentally protected gardens and forest preserve on the edge of Mountain Creek Lake. The 35,000 square-foot Virginia Hand Callaway Discovery Center offers interactive kiosks, a 100-seat theater, a 150-seat auditorium, an exhibit hall, an education wing and the Discovery Gift Shop. Retained by the Owner, the scope of services included leading a team of cost and schedule members through design issues that threatened the successful completion of the Project.

Walt Disney World’s Wild West Themed Attraction, Frontierland, Disneyland Paris

Paris, France


Legends of the Wild West is a walkthrough attraction and features wax characters from the American Far-West. The attraction takes place in a Civil War-inspired fort, known as Fort Comstock, hosting various attractions, including the Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building, Pueblo Trading Post, Woodcarver’s Workshop and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Services provided include preconstruction services, where we worked with the design team to establish a project budget for management approval. This attraction was one of the first attractions to be created as part of a major program to increase capacity to the park

Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Orlando, FL


Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a 500-acre environmentally sensitive theme park that includes the habitat for over 100 animals that are native to Africa and Asia. All areas of the park were created to provide for the protection and study of endangered and threatened animals and their natural habitats. The park was conceived to promote and enable global environmental conservation and wildlife preservation. Providing an environment where scientists, educators and other organizations can work together to reserve the earth’s biodiversity. One of the main features of the park is the 140-foot “Tree of Life”, a structural steel tree with a theater in the base of the trunk.  Also featured is a Safari Ride, a Train Ride to the Conservation Station, and highly themed retail and dining venues. Mr. Boyken’s work task included providing full time on-site contract administration staff to work alongside the Disney site staff to manage and schedule construction activities.

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