Warning Signs – Who Do You Call?

When feeling ill, most people seek a doctor’s advice to find a cure.  Since a doctor sees multiple patients a day, they can quickly diagnose the problem and provide a remedy.

The same thinking should apply to design and construction related challenges.  Yet too often the client attempts to self-medicate the problem, making it worse or extending the time to affect a solution.  In addition, the “self-medication” may include the same talent that got them into the problem.

DRB Consulting, LLC.’s reputation has been built by being the “doctor” of the construction industry, finding solutions for project related issues. Since 1981, we have used the knowledge gained from analyzing project issues to assist our clients to avoid litigation on their project.  I have written several articles on the 10 Warning Signs that Your Project is in Trouble.

DRB is unique.  As an Expert Witness, analyzing troubled projects, we have obtained a keen insight to identify project issues that ultimately affect the project outcome.  Our May 2012 Newsletter highlights some of the indicators and how they impact a project.

One of the advantages of retaining and experienced design and construction consultant is that they have learned from another project’s mistakes and “on the job” training has been done on projects by other owners.  Frankly, what we have found is that problem issues are not unique and often have been addressed several times by our team for other owners with multiple variations.

Knowing what you do not know

For example, managing a creative design team is very different from managing a contractor. Leading and managing a creative staff requires a different skill set and leadership techniques than an approach used to manage a construction team.  In our experience, owners often anticipate one staff member can manage both.  For simple projects this may be the right conclusion; however, for large hotels, resorts and gaming facilities our experience has provided the insight that this solution will work and often leads to project challenges and ultimately claims.

Fast track, complex and creative are projects where our team approach is the best process to anticipate and address the 10 Warning Signs Your Project is in Trouble.

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